The Art of Lighting – Illumination for the Interior’s Soul

Since people first learned of the remarkable comfort and security offered by fire. We’ve been on a timeless mission to discover new ways of lighting up our lives, even on the darkest of nights. Gone are the days of unremarkable 60-watt globes. Attractive designs that are changing the style, mood and feel of Interior Design & Renovations in Dubai – one watt at a time. Know more about the art of lighting.

New Style Interiors

Also, the modern office home or commercial space has become a veritable lightshow. Allowing specialists like New Style Interiors, interior design & renovation company in Dubai to unlock the power of light. So, bringing an array of exclusive styles, designs and trending technology to your interior.

• Architectural Lighting – is integrated into the building’s structure, both inside and out. Illuminate entranceways, highlight corridors and even garden terraces with beams of every color.

• Ceiling Lights – are the workhorses of your interior lighting. Set in the middle of the ceiling, these mainstay fixtures come in an unlimited variety of plastic, metal and glass variations.

• Pendant Lights – also known as ‘drop’ or ‘suspender’ lights are popular in kitchens and offices. A lone fixture, suspended by a cord, chain or rod has a certain simplicity that other light designs simply cannot match.

• Recessed Lighting – are favorites among interior designers for their ability to bring light to the most challenging spaces, without being seen. Sunken into walls, furniture and floors, recessed lighting is a must-have for those wishing to add a touch of class to the room.

• Track Lighting – is famous for its versatility and affordability. So, Strings of LED’s, lining shelves, edges and walkways are perfect for anyone looking to illuminate longer, narrower areas.

• Chandeliers – represent the pinnacle of lighting, the very essence of decadence. From crystal to glass, steel to PVC. So, the chandelier is the undisputed king of the ceiling.


So, Nothing compares to the gentle glow of a perfectly positioned pop-light. Casting its golden hue across a marble countertop or reading nook. And who doesn’t love coming home to a house, ringed with strategically-positioned spotlights, reminding the neighbors of your impeccable taste?. Also, Lighting is more of an art than it is an interior necessity, and with the right light fixtures.

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