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Floor Installation & Wall Cladding

Welcome to our distinguished Dubai ft-out services company, where we specialize in providing exceptional floor installation and wall cladding services. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to quality, we bring your vision to life using only the highest-quality, custom-tailored materials.
Whether it is the warmth of carefully selected wood, the elegance of polished marble, or the sophistication of fine ceramic and porcelain tiles, our expert installers ensure that your floors are flawlessly installed and designed to withstand the test of time while exuding timeless beauty.

We also excel at wall cladding, blending practicality and aesthetic appeal flawlessly. Our team utilizes cuting-edge methods and superior materials to create wall-cladding designs that enhance the ambiance of your rooms. We believe that well-designed floor and wall cladding can completely transform a space and leave a lasting impression.

Fit-Outs with Precision and innovation


Whether you’re looking to add a touch of privacy with a quiet nook, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the home, or to add a decorative accent to your functional interior, partitioning requires precision, innovation and a deft hand. From elegant glass dividers, to attractive wooden sliders and pivoting partitions, you can count on our team to infuse their creative ideas into classic solutions.

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Release the Paint’s Power: Color, Texture, and Quality
Choose from our extensive selection of premium paints to establish the ideal ambiance and create a captivating setting. We assist you in selecting the ideal paint for lasting impressions and tailored interiors, from traditional to vibrant hues.

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Fit-Out Ceiling Work

We recognize the significance of every detail when designing exceptional interiors. Our ceiling ft-out work ensures that the space above you is a work of art, complementing your style with elegance and versatility.


Gypsum Molding

Enjoy the artistry of gypsum molding, which adds a touch of creativity and sophistication to your space. These dynamic decorative elements, from captivating cornices to intricate finishes, bring your vision to life and leave a lasting impression.

Accurate and comprehensive drawings

Office Fit Out

When seeking office fit-out approval from Dubai’s planning authorities, putting a foot wrong has the potential to sink even the simplest interior design plans. This is why, at New Style Interior and Décor, we don’t compromise when it comes to drafting technical drawings of unparalleled excellence.

Fit-out submissions can be an arduous task, so we’ve assembled a crack team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your technical drawings and planning submissions are up to code, accurate and as comprehensive as possible.

In line with Dubai’s DM, DCD, DSO and NAKHEEL planning requirements, our technical drawings are created by seasoned professionals, vetted and approved by our management team and then submitted, complete with all supporting requirements.

Our feedback and input will ensure that your submissions are approved and green-lit so we can get straight to work in taking your interior design ambitions to the next level!

The right light fixture

Electric Fit-Out Work

Once the sun goes down and evening sets in, light fixtures flicker on, illuminating our homes with an array of LEDs, bulbs and globes. The right light fixture can swathe a room in a soft glow, subtly brightening up dark corners or highlighting important focal points.

We pride ourselves in our uncanny ability to spot exactly what your interior needs, using top-of-the-line electric fixtures, flawlessly installed and placed exactly where they belong.

Seasoned opinions

Dubai Renovations

When time takes its toll on your interior, you can count on a collective of professionals dedicated to restoring even the most challenging walls, floors and ceilings. Competent renovation demands more than a fresh coat of paint; it requires an eye for opportunity and a seasoned opinion on what can be salvaged and what cannot.

With a fit-out service offering that also includes plumbing repairs, electric rehabilitation and air conditioning maintenance, at New Style Interiors and Décor, you can count on a team of designers and specialists who value your most cherished possessions as much as you do.

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