How to Choose Best Interior Design Consultant

10 Tips - How to Choose Best Interior Design Consultant Near You

Have you decided to do re-design of your home? Need to choose the best Design Consultant? This can be a task. Since you would be the one spending all your time in this house, it needs to be as comfortable and stylish as you may need or desire.

By New Style Interiors

18 Jan 2018

10 Reasons why your house needs to be redone.

Why would we do a makeover of our house that’s so comforting? Even though not so functional and complicated yet we are so used to those patterns of living. Here are ten important reasons that would make you reconsider for a makeover from an Interior Decorator in Dubai, UAE.

By New Style Interiors

09 Dec 2017

Tips to Avoid Few Common Decor Mistakes

Decorating a home involves every possible activity, which include selection of perfect furniture, selection of vibrant colors and other things you passionate. In fact, the selection of accents let you to get an ultimate look and finish of your entire home. However, most of the times, homeowners make a few common mistakes while doing the home décor job. Hence, experts of Modern Interior Decoration Company in Dubai have highlighted a few major home decoration mistakes usually committed by homeowners today.

By New Style Interiors

09 Nov 2017

Trendy Home Decor Options to Match with Your Home

Once you buy your dream home, you have to move ahead to the next step i.e. to look for its décor options to match perfectly with the home. Hence, with the help of this blog post, you will get an overview on a few trendy options to give your home, especially the living room of a home an appealing look.

By New Style Interiors

07 Nov 2017

Decorate Your Dream Home with Trendy Home Decor Options of 2018

The upcoming 2018 will bring a distinctive trade with a huge explosion with vital, capturing and vibrant colors. Hence, if you have already purchased your new home or planning to buy a new one, you should definitely give your time to look on the trendy 2018 home décor options to apply in your dream home.

By New Style Interiors

04 Nov 2017

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